The Technical Side of Your Dreams Coming True




Your global advertising platform. Meet iAuthor, a platform to advertise your books online. MWW has created the underlying platform, and is delivering scalable and reliable hosting. Together with Splash, we've crafted the user interface and experience for a well-oiled machine upon which iAuthor operates.


Meet the PiCopter website, a platform for sharing and exploring the PiCopter drone. A sub-project run by MWW, PiCopter is a drone (quad-copter) you build yourself from a kit, using the Raspberry Pi-computer. Incubated and given fire by The Exponentials.

POWERful Women

Empower women in the energy industry. PfW is run by the Energy Institute with the Department of Energy, and is a mentorship platform for women to take positions within the Energy industry in the UK and beyond. MWW delivers design advise, coding and support for PfW, with support from CrowdSkills.

Rocket CRM

Start-up CRM at it's best. Rocket CRM has taken the best from SendGrid, MailChimp, GMail and SalesForce and created a powerful package for start-ups to scale their marketing and user communications. Created in partnership with The Exponentials

Elatt Learn

Years of research and collaborations with Elatt has led to the creation of Elatt Learn. This is where teachers and students come together in Elatt's Flipped Learning initiative, with immense functionality. It's a VLE delivered by MWW and CrowdSkills, specifically for Elatt's needs.


Welcome to KickStarter for musicians. SongStarter is an alpha-phase post-funding platform still in development, but still immensely cool!



We're delivering web services and e-commerce for the famous InBed Sweden from the very start. InBed delivers excellent beds and accessories for your perfect night's sleep.

Social Enterprise UK

Working with SEUK, we're delivering large parts of their online presence, with graphic design and code for Social Investment Forum, Social Saturday and the like. Social Enterprise UK is an umbrella-organisation for companies doing good in the community and beyond.

Department of Energy and Climate Change

Delivering on the unique Powerful Women initiative, MWW is presenting the web presence for PfW.


Working with the municipality housing organisation, we've set up the platform for tenants to engage with the governing body, but also for the body to find new tenants.

United Nations

Working with United Nations on a number of occations, delivering beautiful platforms for events and initiatives.


Delivering projects like the GSEN, MWW and unltd are together creating amazing online presence for the great social enterprise organisation.



NyWeb was co-founded in a snowy winter-day in Köping, Sweden, in 2009. Marten Wetterberg and Tom Ljungqvist are still working together to deliver great experiences for customers, their websites and their websites' visitors. MWW is derived from NyWeb, and is delivering platform and hosting for NyWeb clients.

CrowdSkills LTD

Iman Fadaei and Marten Wetterberg are running CrowdSkills, a web agency with a social mission. CrowdSkills is empowering young freelancers to start delivering websites for cool businesses. MWW is delivering hosting, platform and code repositiories from CrowdSkills and their customers.

The Exponentials

Anton Chernikov and Marten Wetterberg have been known to create many projects together. Working on clients like Ashridge, creating pitches for Wayra, and developing large-scale platforms like StudioX Online and Rocket CRM, the partnership is both strategic and development-based.



MWW builds high-impact platforms online. Connected to a cloud-infrastructure, with highly optimised codebase, our platforms are nimble, light and incredibly scalable.


Hosting on our server infrastructure lets you securely run your applications with minimal downtime, tight iteration-cycles on software development and stable scaling to your usage.


Managed email delivery is part of our infrastructure. We monitor our platforms, rectifies issues and have tight dialogues with the largest email providers such as Hotmail and Gmail.


Key to a successful online presence is all around understanding your visitors and your targets. With our large-scale big-data infrastructure, we can assist you with key insights and custom metrics and lookups.


At MWW, we know that beautiful design lies in the details. When we're part of the front-end-process, we take meticulous care to understand your needs and the best path to assure a beautifully simple design.


We're often asked to provide wireframes for future projects, create your visual expression based on a designers brief, or understand a user journey when our clients don't. We delightfully take up such mantles.

Marten was tasked with building iAuthor from scratch. iAuthor came with an ever-changing brief, yet Marten's flexibility overcame all obstacles. Turnaround time was excellent, and Marten brought tangible value to every aspect of the project: UX/UI, CMS, CRM, SEO

Adam, founder of iAuthor